Gas Pipe (SF003)


Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Samhail NÍL :SP003

  • Type:Welded

  • Úsáid: Iompar Píblíne

  • Trademark:Sunplast

  • Specification:International Standard

  • Origin: An tSín

Product Description

1. Leathnú teirmeach laghdaithe.
2. For other special request, we can customize it for our clients according to customers' demand.
3. Health, non-toxic, can be used for pure water, drinking water pipeline system, the product is a green building materials.
4. Due to the existence of the middle layer of aluminum, the expansion co-efficient a samll metal pipe with considerable strength, toughness, impact resistance.
5. Corrosion-resisitant, non-scaling; May be waived and basin was blocked pipes, the tub-shaped macular rust.
6. Is féidir le teocht ard, ardbhrú, sna riachtanais oibre fadtéarmacha faoi bhrú teocht an uisce píopaithe 95 ° C a bhaint amach.
7. Insliú coigilt fuinnimh: Seoltacht teirmeach píopaí miotail1 / 200 amháin, insliú píopaí uisce te le haghaidh éifeacht sármhaith fuinnimh.
8. Light weight, high strength: The proportion of the only one-eighth of the metal.
9. Pleasing in appearance: Both the inner and outer side of our products are very smooth, flowing water with small force, soft color, and beautiful graphics.
10. Can be buried, metal detectors can be used to detect the location of the tube.
11. Convenient and reliable installation: The use of the hot melt connection, no need to set silk, and it will just take a few seconds to complete a joint connections, and metal water pipes and connected to the use of high-quality copper insert, safe and reliable.
12. Long time life: The pipeing system under normal use life of up to 50 years.