Meaisín Shr-800 Model Butt Fusion Meaisín Táthú Píopa HDPE Hiodrálacha


Basic Info

  • Mionsamhail NO.: SP-800

  • Mionsamhail: SP-800

  • Trademark: Sunplast

  • Specification: CBM

  • Cód HS: 85152900

  • Cineál: Weldóirí

  • Application: HDPE Pipe

  • Transport Package: Plywood Case

  • Origin: An tSín

Cur síos ar an Táirge

Gnéithe Iarratais:
1), Apply to Dn 450-800mm PE, HDPE, PP and other plastic pipe butt fusion welding.
2), The fixture with separately from the operating system, easy-laying operation.
3), By the operating platform (hydraulic and electrical), fixtures, heating plate and milling cutter. 
4), Fixture structure, dual-card sets precisely position pipes, easy to adjust margins.
5), Using hydraulic system control relay, pressure accurate and stable. 
6), Solenoid valve electric control (cylinder retreat), easier to operate. 
7), Heating plate with electronic temperature control, digital display precise and intuitive. 

Main Technical Parameter:

Mionsamhail SP-800
Welding size 450-800mm
Butt Deviation(mm) ≤0.2
Temperature heating range 0 ~ 300oC
Temperature Deviation ±3oC
Heating power 12.5kw
Trimmer power 2.2kw
Cumhacht stáisiún hiodrálacha 3.5kw
Cumhacht iomlán 18.5kw
Working Voltage 380V
Pressure adjustment range 0-6.3Mpa
Hand Push Control Hydraulic Control
Clamp Ceithre Clamps
Weight 450kg
Dimension 1.98CBM

Packing information:

Package Size: 186*135*135(cm)   187*136*76(cm)   83*60*56(cm)       3 cás sraithadhmaid
Total Volume: 5.6 CBM Meáchan glan: 1180kgs Gross weight: 1350kgs
Electric Unit Basic Frame Heating Plate Gearradh Muilte Support Hydraulic unit
38*20*43(cm) 175 * 130 * 128 (cm) 98*10*104(cm) 97*36*150(cm) 81 * 67 * 90 (cm) 74*50*45(cm)
10kgs 200kgs 61kgs 202kgs 48kgs 52kgs
Power 15.8kw/380V