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Butt Welding Machine Good Safety Performance


Butt Welding Machine is also known as resistance butt Welder, which is mainly applicable to high-speed and multi-volume operation. It uses the resistance to weld the method, the electric energy utilization rate is high, the welding effect is good, may carry on many sets of parameter memory setting, the reaction speed is quick, the welding produces the rough edges to be small thus minimizes the welding bad rate, the equipment is the welding wire and cable, the bicycle basket, the enameled Steel wire products, suitcase outer frame and the best product of flat iron line.

Structure and Characteristics:

Glacann claochladán Meaisín Táthú Butt an mheicníocht ingearach neamhbhreosla cineál bhlaosc, tá an éifeachtacht táthú ard, is beag an caillteanas.

The use of different welding tools can be replaced according to different welding die more simplified.

Inside the equipment from 380V voltage to 36V electricity, safe performance is good.

Applicable to the welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and other metal materials.

The use of Butt Welding Machine between rebar and rebar is the largest, can be welded seamlessly or in accordance with the needs of customers a variety of welding methods. Applicable to iron wire products, metal lighting, kitchen utensils, automobiles, small appliances, hardware and so on occasions will have the credit for Butt Welding Machine. The ability to weld is also developed with varying degrees.

The main part of the welder is a step-down transformer, the ends of which are welded workpiece and electrode, the arc is secondary at work, and the electrode is fused in the gap of the workpiece at high temperature. Because the iron core of the welding transformer has its own characteristics, it has the characteristics of a sharp drop in voltage, that is, the voltage decreases after the electrode is ignited, and the voltage is decreased sharply when the electrode is shorted. The next little series for you to introduce the principle of Butt Welding Machine and the advantages of Butt Welding Machine.

The use of Butt Welding Machine is actually when the workpiece contact with the resistance will generate heat, in order to achieve the purpose of heating the workpiece, so that the metal surface melting, and the weld is in the workpiece to produce plastic degeneration of the solid metal conditions, forming a common grain, weld microstructure, composition close to the basic metal, it is easier to obtain such as strong plastic welding joints. In the process of flash, it has the function of discharging the air and reducing the metal oxidation, so that the defects such as the weld inclusion and the welding penetration are less.

Advantages of Butt Welding Machine

1, tá éifeachtacht táthú ard. Mar gheall ar an brú ar an obair is é an sorcóir neart dúbailte, tá an luas imoibrithe i bhfad níos tapúla ná an sorcóir hiodrálach.

2, automatic to the medium function. Ensure that the spacing between the two ends of the welding string and the end of the two ends is consistent, thus ensuring the consistency of the melted volume at both sides.

3, the operation and maintenance of convenient service. Because there is no hydraulic station, the product debugging point, the fault point is less, there will be no leakage of oil and other phenomena.

4, the demand for the grid is low. Only 250KVA of the power grid can be satisfied.

5, high welding precision. PLC and import step to control the flash process, can accurately set the melted and melted speed, through the microcomputer resistance welding controller to control the welding current. The Center distance error of the post after welding can be controlled in the ±0.2mm, convenient for subsequent group welding.

6, energy-saving. Radiator Flash Butt Welder is using two 125KVA resistance welding transformers for power supply, pneumatic pressure, top forging, no hydraulic station. Compared with other two 315KVA single-phase AC resistance welding transformers and two power 18KVA hydraulic station welder, Un-250ab Welder can save up to 78%