HDPE Pipe for Gas Supply


Basic Info

Material: PE

Sonraíocht: Dn16-630, CE SGS

Trádmharc: SUNPLAST

Cód HS: 70199000

Compound Material: Plastic Composite Pipe

Thickness: 2.3-57.3mm

Place of Origin: Ningbo, China (Mainland)

Product Description

HDPE Pipe For Gas Supply 
Friotaíocht Athshuímh
2. Neamh-sceitheadh
3. High Toughness
 4. Excellent Reliability 
5. Long Service
HDPE Pipe For Gas Supply
Réimse Feidhmeacha Píopa Gáis PE
This Product Is Mainly Used In Natural Gas,  Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Artificially Gas Tra-
Nsmission And Distribution, Also Can Be Used In Chemical Industry, Medicine And Paper-
Tionscail a Dhéanamh.
1,Corrosion Resistance: Polyethylene (PE) Is A Kind Of Inert Materials, Except A Few Str-
Ocsaídiúcháin Ong, Freastalaíonn sé ar Éifeachtúlacht Meánach Cheimiceach Éagsúil, Uimh Leictriceimiceach Corros-
Ion, Ní gá Sreang Frith-Chorrú.
2,Non-Leakage: PE Gas Pipeline Mainly Uses The Hot Melt Connection Or Fused Connect-
Ion, Make The Pipeline System Integration. Its Interface Tensile Strength And Blasting Stre-
Ngth Are Higher Than The Pipe Ontology. Therefore, Compared With The Rubber Seal Class Joint Or Other Mechanical Joints, It Does Not Exist The Risk Caused By Leakage Distortion Joint. 
3,High Toughness: PE Gas Pipe Is A Kind Of High Toughness Pipes, Fracture Extension Rate Of PE Pipe, Commonly More Than 500%. .As To The Uneven Settlement Of The Base, Its Adaptive Ability Is Very Strong, Has A Good Aseismic Performance. (In 1995, Kobe Earthquake Happened In Japan, The PE Gas Pipeline And PE Water Supply Line Is The Only Surviving Piping System. Because Of This,After  The Earthquake ,Japan Began To Promote To Use Polyethylene Pipe In Gas Field.) 
4,Excellent Reelability: The Reelability Of Polyethylene Make PE Gas Pipe Can Be Rolled, Used In The Construction Does Not Need Slot, PE Gas Pipeline Easy To Be Changed In Accordance With The Requirements Of Construct Methods. 
5,Good Resistance To Scratches And Resistance To Crack: Any Pipe Scratches Can't Be Avoided In Construction, Scratches Triggering Caused Materials Stress Concentration, And PE Gas Pipe Has Excellent Resistance To Quickly Crack Propagation (RCP) And Slow Crack Growth (SCG), And More Excellent Resistance Scratches Ability. 
6,Long Service Life: In The Rated Temperature And Pressure Conditions, PE Gas Pipeline Can Safe To Use More Than 50 Years. 
7,Light Weight, Lower Maintenance Cost: Can Use The Excavation Way, Convenient, Improve The Efficiency Of Construction Project.